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Hennessy Hennessy XXO 1L Cognac Retailer: DFS Duty Free
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The cognac Hennessy X.X.O was first created in 1870 alongside Hennessy X.O, when Master Blender Emile Fillioux set aside eaux-de-vie with great potential. The result was such a significant find that it was launched around the world, starting in 1871. With the savoir-faire inherited by his family, Yann Fillioux, 7th generation of Master Blender, decided to re-create the Hennessy X.X.O in 2018.
Hennessy X.X.O opens a new era within the world of spirits, an edge bridging duality: a powerful structure meets an aerial fineness. Its visionary taste assembles opposite forces into one composition. By tasting a glass of Hennessy X.X.O cognac, you will enter an aerial structure that opens yourself to a new perspective of tastes.

Delicately pour 4cl in a tumbler glass. Take time to observe and appreciate all the tones of the blend. Bring it closer to your nose, without inhaling too abruptly, and discover the heady perfumes. Take the opening sip of a rich tasting. Relax in a comfortable chair, and let your long day unfold. You can now continue to explore the cognac taste with another sip. It has the rich, expressive nose that is the hallmark of a visionary. The long finish characteristic of rare cognacs is highlighted by a delightful nuance of spicy complexity. Its aromatic landscape ranges from vegetal to spicy, with notes of bitter orange and freshly grated nutmeg, licorice stick, dried peppermint leaf and delicate spices.

Bottle Size: 1L
Region: Cognac, France
ABV: 40%
Grape Varietal: Ugni Blanc
Tasting Notes: From vegetal to spicy: bitter orange, freshly grated nutmeg, peppermint, licorice. Assembles opposite forces: powerful & aerial finesse.
Food Match: Sweet potatoes, chestnuts, ginger, almonds, scallops, brown mushrooms.

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